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HU History: The Fountain on the Quad

On Huntington University’s home campus, there is a fountain in the middle of the Quad that connects Dowden Science Hall, Loew-Brenn Hall, Becker Hall, and the rest of campus. Officially named the Showen-Escher Memorial Fountain, the four plaques surrounding it tell its story.
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Movements of Uncertain Hands

Walking along my tapestry of decisions, I wonder what my final image will be once I run out of string. Unless my hands are snatched prematurely, I commit to an uncertain design.
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More Than Marketing

The Spirit of a Forester language clarifies who we are and guides who we become. Like the creeds of our Christian tradition, the Spirit of a Forester was our very intentional effort to define what we believe. Our creed has a direct impact on our everyday operations in a way that goes beyond the foundational purpose of our mission statement, beyond any marketing campaign.
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The UB Legacy

My family knew little about the Church of the United Brethren in Christ when I visited Huntington University as a prospective student. Nevertheless, my Christian parents and I were confident that HU would support my spiritual growth. I know now that this had much to do with HU’s relationship with the UB denomination.
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5 Ways to Support HU’s 1897 Day of Giving

Huntington University’s 1897 Day of Giving will begin on March 16, 2023, at 5:00 a.m. EDT and continue through noon the following day. Does that sound strange? It’s actually a very intentional choice. This year, we’re honoring 1897, the year of our founding, by celebrating Day of Giving for 1 day, 8 hours, 9 minutes, and 7 seconds.
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The Joy of Participation

When I was six years old, I joined a jump rope team. Yes, you read that correctly — a jump rope team! For those living in the Huntington area, you might remember the Hopping Hoosiers performing at basketball half-time shows, festivals, and parades. We also competed at a local, regional, and national level. I was a part of that team all through high school. It was a way for me to participate in something fun and to feel like I was part of something bigger. It took the entire team to put on a great show, and I learned a great deal about myself during that time.
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Nothing But the Truth

Can I tell you the honest truth? Writing about the “chases truth” Forester trait is tricky, more difficult (for me at least) than many of the other Forester traits. I’ve been writing about the Spirit of a Forester for years, yet right now I’m carefully considering every word I write. And I think that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want to handle the truth lightly.
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How to be creative…even when you aren’t.

Creativity is a part of the Forester identity. So where does that leave people who don’t consider themselves creative?
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A Swing and a Miss

Foresters defy complacency by understanding themselves and seeking opportunities to grow that fit who they are. They can defy complacency in whatever they do — in English essays, lab experiments, and even in softball games — without being perfect at everything. Instead, they cultivate a sense of self-awareness and meaningful growth.
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Couldn’t Care Less

Growing up in Ohio, I witnessed firsthand what is arguably the most significant source of Buckeye pride: the Ohio State University vs. University of Michigan football game. Public schools and church youth groups heralded the annual event with “wear your team colors” spirit days. Officially, it didn’t matter which team you represented, but the outnumbered Michigan fans took plenty of good-natured teasing.